"Whether you are simply an interested party or you are looking to expand your professional practice in holding space for others and changing the face of death and dying in Canada, this course will offer you the environment to explore a wide range of topics in a safe, supportive way. From educational resources to invigorating discussion to opportunities to practice different skills, the BYVSCDC is an incredible community-building setting for personal and professional growth and development, and is truly a life-altering and remarkable experience."

     - Diana Samu-Visser

"The BEyond Yonder Virtual School was invaluable for my personal and professional development. The coursework and forums forced me to confront my own mortality, and examine where I am living my life to the fullest and where I’m not. On a professional level, it provided me with a myriad of skills, insights, and connections that will propel my new business forward. I can't imagine how I would have proceeded with my business had I not done this training."

    - Reena Lazar, Co-founder WILLOW: End of Life Planning and Soulful Personal Development


"This course is challenging me in really important and exciting ways! I have never experienced such an empowering learning environment. I feel inspired to bring my gifts to my community."

    - Ingrid Ng

“The virtual school is BEyond amazing!!!! Everyday is a unique learning experience! after week one I was saying to my friends “ it's already worth the tuition and we still have 11 more weeks to go” .... The teachers are so amazing, skilled & educated and so much work has been done in offering such rich content! I truly can’t say enough great things about this course and feel so blessed to be a part of this learning.”

    - Shannon Tackacs

“There are few occasions where one can expand their professional practice, through an educational modality, while reaping the benefits of personal growth and awakening...

I do not doubt that students will leave this program feeling a sense of professional and personal accomplishment, relative to the nuances discovered in the conversations and materials provided. The humanistic aspect of death is explored to its core… revealing it’s layers in true and raw form. This required nothing more than for me to be open to the invitation and immerse myself in the learning…”

    - Shanila B.

"I wanted to express how much I appreciated the BEyond Yonder VSCDC. It was the perfect learning environment for me, it was quite challenging and it demanded a lot of my focus, attention and energy, but also allowed for and encouraged individuality and creativity for which I am so grateful. Learning alongside the other 11 students enriched my experience so much, the level of intimacy and trust that we developed as a group still brings tears to my eyes. Cassandra is a gifted facilitator and instructor, I love the way she likes to introduce new ideas and has no fear about approaching all subjects, this allows such freedom in the group to talk about subjects that aren't normally approachable and gives us the courage to continue to ponder and open up the conversations that might otherwise seem easier to leave buried."

    - Marika Nagasaka

"Participating in the virtual school for community deathcare was a deeply meaningful experience for me. It allowed me to connect with other likeminded and passionate people while benefiting from the experience and wisdom of so many incredible people doing this work across Canada. The program offered a comprehensive and multi dimensional perspective of the different areas in which one might choose to serve. Upon completing the program I felt a greater sense of grounding and confidence in where I wanted to focus my own practice."

    - Sarah W.

"Participating in The Beyond Yonder School for Deathcaring is an experience that shifted my perspective and gratitude of life. Discovering a community of individuals passionate about engaging more fully in death, dying, bereavement is inspiring. I learned a great deal; especially about what more I need to learn! I am moving forward in both personal and professional ways more fully engaged and present. Such a gift! Thank you to Cassandra, Kurt and all of the instructors of this amazing resource community."

    - Krista Manuel

"Cassandra... thank you for all the teachings/modules during those intense 12 weeks. The variety of subject matter, and different facilitators helped shape who I am as a Death Midwifery Practitioner.

I also appreciate the opportunity the course offered for us to do work within ourselves.... legacy letters, death binders etc. It helps me to compassionately show up, and be with those who are dying, their families, and those we are educating via this Home Funeral Practicum."

    - Denise